052. a Queen Aminah

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a Queen Aminah's lifelong musical journey reflects the deep and varied styles she brings to the decks. When you catch a live set from her, whether she is spinning house, drum & bass, breaks, grime, footwork, or jazz, you'll be mesmerized by her simultaneously silky smooth mixing and freaky, funky track selections. Just when you think you've got her pegged, Aminah will transform the vibe with unexpected rhythms that harken to her wildly diverse musical influences.

Aminah also moonlights with her partner, Plockasaurus, as the DJ duo Plock Party. In addition to teaming up on the decks, Plock Party also produces footwork and house music imbued with positive messages for kids as Plock Party Kids. When she's not spinning, Aminah maintains her dedication to young women of color through teaching them financial literacy so they can achieve independence. A supporter of all queens, a Queen Aminah embodies the cosmic divinity that all fearless femmes groove to and gravitate towards from deep within their being.

"We've been in lockdowns, maintained social distance, worn masks, taken vaccines, and been anxious nonstop. Life looks and sounds very different for most people, and research suggests it has altered how we process words and music. The abrupt changes to everyone's lives even changed how the brain perceives noisy situations. I dedicate this footwork & jungle mix to that anxiety and everyone emerging from isolation who learned to dance with it."