06.  Britta Bader 

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Known for her special curated musicality in her sets, Britta Bader breaks all genre boundaries within the house and techno realm. Her passion for electronic music is very strong, and has been since she was a teen. She immediately fell in love with progressive house in the late 90s/early 2000’s and learned how to truly listen to the music how it’s supposed to be heard, and get taken on a journey to a special place on the dance floor. 

Born and raised in Minneapolis, she was lucky to have been immersed in the rave culture at an early age and has witnessed countless sets that opened her mind to a world of peace, love, unity and respect and most of all the music that touches the mind, body and soul. 

Her knowledge about this music that we all love is so vast, she knows the history, she knows about the present, she knows where it’s going. 

After spending countless hours at the record store picking out promos, and grinding down the rabbit hole digging for the gems that nobody has heard yet, in 2012 she decided to get over her sense of stage fright and begin DJing and masterfully curating sets with all of the music that she collected. Her sets range from a mixture of melodic house and techno, deep tech and progressive. 

This week, we have something special, you will be taken on a true journey. 
Enjoy the ride, feel the vibes!