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Dream Chambers is the name for APRA award-winning singer-songwriter Jess Chambers' ethereal electronic music. 

Known in New Zealand for her delicately orchestrated folk albums and her work with The Woolshed Sessions, Rhian Sheehan, and The Upbeats, Jess relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2012 where she encountered a vibrant underground electronic music scene and began a transformative journey into the world of music technology.

Since then she has performed as Dream Chambers extensively in the US, co-founded Hyasynth House an electronic music collective for femme and non-binary creatives and, released three albums ranging from electronic-pop experimentalism through to drone and vocal soundscapes. Her sound, created using a mass of modular synthesizers, sequencers, and vocal processors, counterpoints heavy sub-bass with crystalline granular vocal samples and, shimmering arpeggios.