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elena xo is a Brooklyn-based DJ, event organizer, music producer, and visual artist. An emerging DJ in the New York scene, elena has performed at venues and events such as Rash, Brooklyn Monarch, and New People's Cinema Club. Alongside Batty Mecks, she is the co-founder and co-organizer of Drumroll Please, a party series featuring DJs with dynamic and diverse tastes embracing an "anything goes" mentality.

"For this mix, I wanted to display the harder, darker, more frenetic tracks I've been enjoying; I've developed a real taste for deconstructed, percussive genres like Bérite Club and hard drum - shoutout ndegrandi for kickstarting this whole obsession. I'm interested in being more 'composerly' with my transitions: layering different textures, rhythms, and melodies and really letting the tracks play out and interact with each other. Here I used three decks, which was a fun challenge."