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Native to Brooklyn, New York, KYRUH is no stranger to hard, gritty, and high caliber techno. A purgative, high energy raver turned DJ, her style has punched through many hearts. She is known for her immersive performances and breakneck speed-mixing that can’t help but make a crowd put their phones down. Her recent HÖR Berlin set accumulated over 14,000 views demonstrating her lively, frenetic energy. She has proven to be one of the city's bright new artists and has already made rounds at some of the best parties in NYC, including UNTER, BASEMENT, and Elsewhere. While she approaches her craft with determination, she also engages the crowd with humor and unrelenting joy. With her hardened textures and cathartic release, she’s a techno voice to be reckoned with. Kyruh has quickly emerged as a NYC must see. Her regular appearances at BASEMENT and around the city are relentless statements of intent, wringing every drop of energy from her audiences.

Her goal = to set the world on fire and let people know that, “Black women love the rave too. Black women orchestrate the dance floor. We make it fun for everyone and I want to be a part of the unspoken legacy.”