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Lady Maru is a Roman, now Berlin based electronic producer and post punk musician. She started producing music with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a tascam 4 track recorder. She became quickly active as a noise guitarist and casio player for post punk and no wave bands. Her dj career started in 2003 djing in clubs and underground raves, always trying to combine 2 influences: art punk and techno. Her actual sound as a producer and as a dj is mostly based on acid techno with industrial and ebm influences. She recently opened a vinyl label for acid tunes(Acid boiler coalition) and is a Gegen Berlin resident dj.

"This industrial techno mix has been recorded live the 19.10.2021 at Radio Raheem, a very good independent radio station in Milan (Italy)."


last releases on :
Gegen Records / Hydraulix / Fallen Angel Techno / Elektrotribe / Revok Records / MMA Belgium / Acid Boiler Coalition / Physical Techno Records / Smr Underground / Insane Industry / Fluctuat / Witches are back / Obscuur Records / industrial Complexx / Diffuse Reality / Harder traxx / Vumantra Records / Scuderia / chronicles / ineed