05.    Laila Amira


Laila Amira is a Brooklyn-based DJ who loves to create genre- fluid electronic mixes, drawing upon her love for both old and new disco, as well as house music. Moved by the tracks she has heard across NYC nightlife, Laila Amira began DJ-ing about a year and a half ago. She hopes to curate a world through music where people can escape their realities. The connections and feeling of elation Laila has experienced on the dancefloor constantly inspires her to create the same for her listeners. 

"This mix in particular is very special to me because it combines tracks from the first two sets I've ever played out- the support I received pushed me to continue to pursue this passion. I have never experienced such a loving community and I'm grateful every day for it. I've been meaning to create a tribute mix to these sets for quite a bit of time and I'm so excited that I get to release it on Femmedecks- thank you for including me in the mix series and I hope you enjoy listening to it."