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From Tbilisi, Georgia, Le Violet (a.k.a. Anna Suè) is the second project by Ana Japaridze.

"I grew up on the ballet stage from 4 to 16 years old. Classical music was a daily part of my life, which probably led to laying the foundation that is very important for a musician. Counting 1, 2, 3, 4 again... Rhythm, harmony, drama, fantasy - constantly working on all this...

...But then I could not imagine that such closeness to the electronic scene was soon...
I have been going to clubs since 2006, but to tell you the truth, I could not fully comprehend the true essence of this music... I had never listened to it carefully until that fateful day.
I remember pretty well, in 2016, I was at one of the electronic music festivals in Georgia, and that moment came - I stopped, I couldn't move.
I listened, I listened, and  immediately felt joy and bliss, a new world was born In front of me... I share my life like -  until 2016 and after 2016..."

"At one of the events in 2018, I had to stand near the equipment by accident, and I certainly did not know how to play. I just realized that deep dream was starting to come true, which consciously or unconsciously was inside me - yes, and it started, and here I am today."

Anna is a frequent guest of festivals, clubs, galleries and fashion events. Her music is well-suited to the performance and includes sounds like Techno, House and Electro.

"I think this is a continuous process - the music itself is the most meaningful thing, and being right to yourself and others always matter. When you are on the stage, if you are not you and you are imitating someone, the listener feels it accordingly. As we grow, develop and experience new things, music also changes - I remember the first time I wanted to play techno music, at the beginning of the pandemic, I felt terrible. All the doors were closed as if I was locked in my head, and I realized I wanted to break this space around me with this rough concrete sound. I went out... it happened with one expression - this is how Le Violet was created, my second project."

At the 2020 ELECTRONAUTS XI Awards, Anna's "Emotional Addiction" track was nominated for "Track of the Year". Soon she will release her debut album, Girl power, which is dedicated to combating violence against women.