046. LeCamille

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 LeCamille is a dj who describes her style as "extremely open format". Her versatile sound is one for late-night rooftops, to hidden warehouse raves, to stylish disco-ball glowing nightclubs. Her multifaceted, genre-hopping sets can be found at her collective Madchapel's parties and shows. Under Madchapel's mantra, "we do everything", Camille displays an almost chaotic understanding of song choices and always tries to add a little bit of madness in her music. 

AZ encapsulates (almost) everything I've been wanting to play for a long time. I opened this mix with future funk  before diving into techno-adjacent remixes of hip hop artists like Rico Nasty and Doecchi; there are moments of grooviness before breaking into heavy pressure bangers before landing in something halfway between. This mix was about getting these ideas I've been experimenting with for months now out of my head and seeing how it lands.