02.  Liara 

liara photo WH.jpg

Liara has been a kickass member of Femmedecks since May '21. She has played countless live shows with us, but this is her first digital debut as a part of the Femmedecks team.

"Electro is my bread and butter as anyone who listens to me for long should know. I break the mold however with this mix by being less focused on hypnotic acid lines and more focused on bright synths with a lot of arpeggiation. When you hear music from older sci-fi movies, synths are often what the composer felt the future would be, and this mix hits hard on the sense of futurism. It still retains a lot of the heavier, darker, and tension filled elements I’m known for, but holds a certain hopefulness. A hopefulness that I believe we all share for this coming year."