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LN15M (Tbilisi, Georgia) - Is a project that consists of emotions and feelings. This project has no specific direction or sound.

"I have been drawing all my life, music was always dream for me, I never dared to get closer, I started to come closer to music with production, when I started combining different sounds, this process turned out to be very familiar to me. The difference is that instead of colors I use the sounds I hear every day.

With the unity of these voices, I was getting completely different new and unreal voices.
Every sound has a different color for me and before I connect specific sounds to each other, I try to match their colors.

For me all noise is music, and I want to bring those noises into my music, I have started working on this series. I want to make the sound of all seasons understand people the way I understand it. DJing is a shift to a completely different world, I can not describe it in words. I want it to be endless in my life. "Because I only experience this emotion while playing music."

Music is the expression of oneself without words, sharing feelings that we can never convey...