057. Sonia Ray

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Sonia Ray is a DJ currently based in Bali, Indonesia. She has collaborated with SEQUENCE (Swooh), Ola Radio (Kiddy Wav), TRR Media, Filth Inc., BASS WATER FREAK OUT, Dionysian Mysteries, and NON NON NON x BCR. 


"I have been living in Asia for almost 4 years, but originally I am from Russia. My hometown is Saint-Petersburg, where I raved a lot. I started to upload my mixes on SoundCloud and grow as a DJ last year. I made a YouTube channel where I also dropped my mixes with trippy background animations during lockdown time. My track selection in the mixes are really picky and weird. I love to surprise my audience, mix different genres, and jump between bpms. Sometimes I spend so much to find something rare and trippy, because every mix is a new story for me that I want to share with my fans.


I prepared this mix for a really long time. I had so many emotions recently that I am happy how I expressed them in this mix. It's a powerful, non stop bad ass mix at 165 bpm mostly."