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Teresa Ferreiro (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) has mixed for international radios such as NTS and Threads Radio (London), Rinse FM (Paris), Kiosk (Brussels) or Somersault Radio (New York) and participated in festivals such as Sons da Canteira, Melona and Feudal Festival (Spain) and the Cheeky NYE Party (London). She is part of the female djs collective Aquellare Hermanitas de la Rave.

Part of her family is interested in the promotion and protection of the traditions of Galician folk culture. However, the musical education she received at home was given by her mother and focused on Latin music. Following the desire to discover different forms of expression and different points of view, Teresa moved to London after finishing her degree in Fine Arts in Pontevedra. There she established relationships with people of different nationalities and environments, many of these people interested in electronic music. She started living with a group of DJs (Cheeky Soundsystem) in South London, who built their own sound system to use at parties.

Teresa developed an increasingly eclectic musical interest. In her sets you can find all sorts of references, e.g. a historic salsa song about the African rebellion against the Spanish colonialists by Joe Arroyo, or mixing traditional galician acapella songs with dark techno, hardcore, breakbeat, Drum&Bass and experimental music. She has an elegant, tight mixing style with surprising choices and meanings.

This set is an unreleased mix played at Melona Fest in Spain, Teresa was the artist closing the night on Friday. This set is a bold choice, full of techno, break beat and hardcore and it goes from the latest releases to the greatest classic bangers and audios of her own voice, of her mother´s, sounds of nature and other intriguing choices.