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WTCHCRFT has the best part of a decade’s production under his belt, shifting genres and styles making him hard to pin down & define - but with the constant thread of techno throughout. Not surprising, considering his background. “My mom is from the Dominican Republic and my dad is Jamaican so I grew up listening to a lot of island music, bachata, reggae, reggaeton, merengue etc. But in my own musical excursion I found a lot of comfort in metal music, progressive rock, math rock, stuff I still listen to to this day.”

Despite these influences, he doesn’t have any heroes, “though I try to refrain from idolizing anyone because I feel like that’s how you set yourself up for disappointment. No one is perfect.” But he still name-checks quite a diverse array of artists to take inspirations from, “Snoop Dogg and his incredibly unique vocal delivery, Jerome Hill, Mike Dunn, Cocteau Twins, Paranoid London, Gangsta Boo, Mobb Deep, DJ Assault, Björk, SPFDJ."

Putting down roots in New York City a few years ago, he now runs with the Sorry Records crew, hosting a weekly ambient and classical show with label boss Nick Boyd on Newtown Radio in Brooklyn. He does b2b DJ sessions with the likes of Kyruh and Speedy Spice, where his approach is simple. “I really just play whatever I’m feeling at the moment, whatever I think would get me out of my seat and jumping.”

WTCHCRFT came to a lot of people’s attention with a series of three acid-themed EPs released on Bandcamp during the pandemic. “EP 1 was really just me experimenting with the genre and how I could interpret It while trying to find my own sound, EP 2 is a lot more intentional in its themes and features more of my vocals. The theme mostly being police violence and killings of black men in the USA...ACAB Acid I made as a reaction to the history of racism that is ingrained in America and the police force, I decided to donate all of the proceeds from that song as well.”

He makes his vinyl debut on I Love Acid Records this June, with four tracks of 303 funk – fusing UK rave breakbeats and Drexciyan electro beats against tight acid lines & snappy vocal parts. Sardinian producer Elisa Bee comes in with a four-to-the-floor remix to finish off the EP. He says, “once I started making this music and learning about its roots and history, it felt like I was coming home. Like I was getting a lesson in my own history - and that just makes me that much more proud to be making the music that I’m making.”